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Cheap Escorts In London

Cheap Escorts In London

The bed at the hotel was cold. This business trip was taking longer than she had anticipated and her last session with Sandy had left her wanting more. She needed release. Not that she didn’t carry her toys, but there is something about the human touch. And that is what she craved.

“More!!” Serena shouted as she waved her empty glass at the bartender. This was one of the ‘fun’ bars her airport cab driver had recommended. Anything other than staying alone in her room tonight felt like a good idea. The Ritza bar was a lesbian bar, known more for the scantily dressed women that served there than for its good selection of liquor. The alcohol did little to suppress her urges and Google was not helping her. There were no escort agencies nearby, at least not any listed online, but she wasn’t giving up. The bartender had to know a place. A sly smile curved on her face as she relished the thought. The bartender was a little shorter than Serena, her skin was slightly tanned. She reminded Serena of her college self, beautiful and free.

Serena quickly downed her shot and turned to leave. There was a line of women waiting outside in the street, and as if on cue a young lady in a low cut sun dress approached her. She looked barely 19, but her demeanor said otherwise.

“Hey, I’m Rose, you got money?” she asked.
The question caught Serena by surprise. She didn’t answer.
“I can get you off, for 50 bucks.” The girl stated. In the same manner one would state a scientific fact.
“What?” she didn’t believe what she had just heard. Hearing it again, she realized what she had gotten herself into.
“Deal.” She said.

Better little than nothing. She could do this herself, but 50 bucks for some company? She wondered how desperate she had become. The girl wrapped her hand around Serena, her middle finger tracing a path on Serena’s palm. She dragged her back into the Ritza. Rose led Serena into one of the toilet booths. Rose let loose the traps of Serena’s dress and it slowly slipped off her, grazing her nipples. Serena leaned on the toilet door, she couldn’t wait any longer and she had been teased for too long. Rose didn’t waste any time either and planted her lips on Serena’s, this kiss was light, and their tongues barely touched before she pulled back. They kissed again. This kiss was deeper than the last, their tongues danced in rhythm. Serena was hooked.

Rose let her fingers glide over Serena’s outer thighs, Serena shuddered and a low moan escaped her lips. Serena’s hands had already found the zipper at the back of her dress. Rose stepped back and let it fall to the floor, next to Serena’s. She let her lips discover Serena’s body.

Serena’s eyes were closed as Rose moved her tongue in circular motion around Serena’s left nipple while her right hand slowly caressing the other. She started kissing her way down Serena’s body, leaving her hands on Serena’s breasts. Serena’s legs parted a little further. She was getting into it.
Serena’s hand reached down and stuck a finger in her honey pot.
“No, let me.” Rose said as brushed Serena’s fingers aside. Rose put her mouth to work.

She slowly stroked Serena’s clit with the flat of her tongue. She did this repeatedly, sending waves of ecstasy through Serena’s body. Serena’s hand moved to her head, weaving into her hair, urging her on. Her legs certainly wouldn’t support her for long. Her legs parted a little more.

Serena’s cream made it easy for Rose to slide a finger in and now circling Serena’s bud with her tongue. Serena moaned, her hips bumping up and down, oblivious to fact that they were in a public restroom.
Rose dove back in, focusing on her clit and slowly increasing the speed of her fingers. Her eyes met Serena’s. Serena’s head rolled back, her hand holding on to Rose as she rubbed her clit frantically against her tongue until with a loud shriek, she finally exploded. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

There was a small applause from the other side of the door. Serena could care less. She leaned in and passionately kissed Rose. “Let’s go back to my hotel.”

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