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An experience to never forget – London escorts

Vincent was a struggling student, and his parents did not give him any allowance. His roommate was a model, and Vincent had always admired his life. After his first year, he decided to start modelling too. Being a male model introduced Vincent to a different life – he would get booked for events and runways. As a handsome young model, women started asking him out. At first, he brushed it off but later he decided to give it a try. His first date was with Sheila, and she had just divorced her second husband. During their date, Vincent noticed all Sheila wanted was to talk to someone. After the date, she paid him for his company. Vincent could not believe it, and no one had ever paid for his company.

That night Vincent decided to target women like Sheila. Modelling had made him have a good eye to spot highly prestigious women. He loved to play poker, and on this day he noticed a woman who kept stealing glances at him from across the poker table. After the game, she approached him and just like Sheila she was merely lonely. He could not help staring at her long toned legs, and he paid attention to every word she said, and she loved the attention according to Cheap London escorts. As he listened to her, he moved his hand on her thighs sending tingles all over her body. He gave her this intense gaze while rubbing gently and further up on her thighs. After a few drinks, they left for his hotel room. In the elevator, he pulled her in and gave her a passionate kiss. She could smell his seductive perfume. His kisses were full of passion and intensity.

He led her to the bedroom and slowly slid her dress off, letting it fall to the floor. As they lay on the bed, he kissed every inch of her body. She could feel his hardness and every touch felt like an electric jolt. He slid her panties down, kissing every fold and reaching for her nipples with his hands. He slid his tongue in her pussy sucking hungrily on her clit. Her pussy clenched in anticipation. His tongue was building an orgasm in her, and in a few seconds a powerful organism ripped through her body.

She felt him thrust deeper into her in slow motion waves. His beautiful cock gave her pleasure as he slid in and out of her. Her hot pussy was making lascivious erotic sucking noises. She thought she would lose her mind and she grew wild with desire. Both of them were panting, and his thrusts were more urgent. She could feel another orgasm building up, and he was close too. In a few seconds she was throwing her head back as a wave of pleasure passed through her as he emptied his balls deep in her. They kissed and cuddled and as she reached for her check-book she knew she would hire his services again.

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